“Who Else Wants To Learn Profitable CPA Marketing Tips and Tricks That Most Affiliate Marketers Will Never Know?”

John Mignano

John Mignano

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online using Google AdWords and CPA Marketing (cost per action marketing.)

The expert guide to affiliate marketing…what are 3 reasons why 97% of affiliate marketers fail and how to avoid the deadly mistakes?

Mistake #1 – The Wrong Market:

Most affiliates are working in the niches.

The number rule is you must sell to a hungry crowd. For example there is little point selling water bottles to people in their homes.

Now, if you go to a thirsty crowd, for example sell bottled water in the middle of disney world…you have just tapped into a 7 figure business!

Mistake Number 2 -Wrong Pitch

Imagine you have a great niche (business to business or solving real problens always seems to work a treat.)

Now your goal is to create a sales pitch that people will respond to:

Why should they buy a product from you?

Why should they buy the product to begin with?

Firstly,stand in your customers shoes and imagine you are a buyer.

The best way to deal with this issue is to look at your competitors. Check out the top sites in google and how they brand their pages. Write down and keep track of what works and what does not for you.

Once you have this down, you can only make one more mistake…

Mistake #3 -How to drive traffic to your offer:

The biggest mistake I see affiliates doing is they rush into ppc marketing (for example google ad words). They load a bunch of non-specific keywords and throw money away testing them.

Some of them create good advertisments (most do not).

Even those who advertise well see little profit because their landing pages are not congruent with the wants and needs of the people clicking on their advertisments.

The net result…wasted money. Most affiliates fail to make real money online as a result.

What if you could have a conversation with the most successful affiliate in your niche and he were to tell you his greatest ad and the exact keywords he uses together with his best landing pages?

Do you think you could make money?

You would save yourself an insane amount of time, money and sweat.

Well, right now you have the opportunity to get your hands on step-by-step information giving you the keys to the vault of affiliate marketing.

This is stealth knowledge most affiliates will never see and because they don’t  understand just how it is others make money on the net this is why they will continue to languish.

Now, every affiliate marketer is always looking for the successful market that gives the biggest paycheck. Sometimes they think it is a magic formula that is readily available for them.

Actually, it is more complicated. It is focusing only on marketing practices proven over years of hard work and dedication.

There are tactics that have worked before with online marketing and is continuing to work in the online affiliate marketing world of today.

The top three marketing tips, you will be able to increase your sales and prosper as an affiliate marketer online.

What are these three tactics?

1. Using unique web pages to promote each separate product you are marketing.

Do not lump all of it together just to save some money on web hosting. It is best to have a site focusing on each and every product and nothing more.

Always include product reviews on the website so visitors will have an initial understanding on what the product can do to those who buys them.

Also include case studies and testimonials from users who have already tried the product.

Be sure these customers are more than willing to allow you to use their names and photos on the site of the specific product you are marketing.

You can also write articles highlighting the uses of the product and include them on the website as an additional page. Make the pages attractive compelling and include calls to act on the information.

Each headline should attract the readers to try and read more, even contact you. Highlight your special points. This will help your readers to learn what the page is about and will want to find out more.

2. Offer free reports to your readers.

If possible position them at the very top side of your page so it they simply cannot be missed. Try to create autoresponder messages that will be mailed to those who input their personal information into your sign up box.

According to research, a sale is closed usually on the seventh contact with a prospect.

Only two things can possibly happen with the web page alone: closed sale or the prospect leaving the page and never return again.

By placing useful information into their inboxes at certain specified period, you will remind them of the product they thought they want later and will find out that the sale is closed.

Be sure content is directed toward specific reasons to buy the product. Do not make it sound like a sales pitch.

Focus on important points like how your product can make life and things easier and more enjoyable. Include compelling subject lines in the email.

As much as possible, avoid using the word “free” because there are still older spam filters that dumps those kind of contents into the junk before even anyone reading them first.

Convince those who signed up for your free reports that they will be missing something big if they do not avail of your products and services.

3. Get the kind of traffic that is targeted to your product.

What if the person who visited your website has no interest whatsoever in what you are offering?

Obviously they will be among those who move on and never come back.

Write articles for publication in e-zines and e-reports. This way you can locate publications that is focusing on your target customers and what you have put up might just grab their interest.

Write a minimum of 2 articles per week, with at least 300-600 words in length. By continuously writing and maintaining these articles you can generate as many as 100 targeted readers to your site in a day.

Always remember that only 1 out of 100 people are likely to buy your product or get your services.

If you can generate as much as 1,000 targeted hits for your website in a day, that means you can made 10 sales based on the average statistic.

The tactics given above does not really sound very difficult to do, if you think about it. It just requires a little time and an action plan on your part.

Use the tips for several affiliate marketing programs. You can easily grow a good source of income in this business, something not all marketers can do.

Besides, think of the huge paychecks you will be receiving!

How To Become A Super Affiliate In Niche Markets

Over the past years, web hosting has grown bigger than it used to be. With more companies getting into this business and finding the many benefits it can give them, the demand for web hosting has never been higher.

These seem to be the trend of today.

38 million people have put up their very first websites online this year 2005 alone. It is estimated that by 2008, the Internet sales industry will top the dollar bank.

And to think, majority of those sites will be offering different affiliate programs for people to choose and participate into.

This only means one thing. It is easier now to find the right web host for your application.

The possibility of quality web hosting companies separating themselves from the rest of the industry is anticipated.

If this is done, the unprofessional and incompetent ones will suffer.

Support will be the number one consideration for people when choosing a web host.

It will be obvious that traditional advertising will become less and less effective.

Most people would rather opt for the web host based on steps they see and hear.

Also based on the recommendations by those who have tried them and have proved to be a successful.

This is a great opportunity for web hosting affiliates and resellers alike.

There would hundreds of web hosting and programs to choose from that the difficulty in finding the right one for them is not a problem anymore.

How does one become a successful affiliate in the niche markets using web hosting?

Imagine everyone who needs a website wants a web hosting company to host it for them.

As of now, there is really no leading hosting industry so most people choose hosts based from recommendations.

Usually, they get it from the ones that have already availed of a web hosting services.

With the many hosts offering affiliate programs, there is the tendency to find the one which you think will work best for you.

Think of the product you will be promoting. Pattern them to the site and see if they are catering to the same things as you are.

When you have been with one host for quite some time and seem not to be making much despite all your effort, leave that one and look for another.

There is no use in trying to stick to one when you would be before off in another one.

Things will only have to get better from there because you already have been in worst situations.

If you are happy and satisfied with your web host, try to see if they are offering an affiliate program you can participate on.

Instead of you paying them, why not make it the other way around; them paying you.

The process can be as easy as putting a small “powered by” or “hosted by” link at the bottom of your page and you are already in an affiliate business.

Why choose paying for your for your web hosting when you do not have to?

Get paid by letting people know you like your web host.

Always remember that when choosing a web host, choose the one that is known for its fantastic customer support.

There are also many hosting affiliate programs.

Residual affiliate program is also being hosted.

This is the program wherein you get paid a percentage every month for a client that you refer. This can allow you to have a steady source of income.

Determination with perseverance, you can be very successful in this field.

There are a lot of niche markets out there just waiting for the right affiliate to penetrate to them and make that dollars dream come true.

Knowing which one to get into is being confident enough of your potentials and the good results you will be getting.

Web hosting is just one affiliate market you could try out and make some good and continuous income.

Remember to be successful traffic and time, effort and patience is needed.

Nobody has invented the perfect affiliate market yet, although some people do know how to make it big in this kind of market.

It is knowing your kind of market and making the numbers work for you.

Feel free to ask questions, your feedback or comment is also encouraged.

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