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Here’s The Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About Landing Pages…

John Mignano

John Mignano

While some business owners are working way too hard, smart, savvy business owners are making record profits.

Now it’s your turn…everything I teach, every golden nugget I reveal to you, has been personally tested and refined where real money is spent.

Do You Make These DEADLY Landing Page Mistakes?

Many emphasis on branding their domain name when that’s not the goal.

Look, you may think your new domain name is the coolest thing since sliced bread, yet the rest of the world doesn’t care.

Whatever you do don’t get a huge header graphic or go overboard trying to “brand” your domain name.

Generally speaking, branding is what huge companies with mega deep pockets do, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

Unless you can really see people paying you to wear a shirt with your domain name displayed across their chest branding a domain is pointless.

Domain names are cheap enough to be used for testing and thrown away (or use them for something else) when they aren’t serving you any more.

Too many choices means too much choice which presents a BIG problem.

Just look at your local grocery store as you’re walking down the bread aisle there are dozens of potential choices.

If you didn’t already have a favorite brand, how would you know where to begin selecting one?

They all claim to be the best, so at the end of it all you might just choose nothing. Your visitors are the same way.

If you present them with half a dozen different offers, and links to other interesting topics and resources, you WILL lose them. Period!

They will either hit the back button because they’re feeling overwhelmed, or they’ll click on something that isn’t what you want them to do, and you will lose them forever.

If you want eyeballs to stick to a page and focus on one particular action, then show people only one that’s relevant. Keep their focus, don’t spread it around.

Make the focus of their attention be your offer. Make sure it’s above the fold (don’t make the user scroll down to see your offer – ever!) and easy to read and understand.

Let’s Face It…There Is No Attention Grabbing Headline.

The headline is at 80% of the battle! A headline’s job is to grab the viewer so strongly that they are compelled to read the rest.

If you don’t hit them with a headline, you’ve probably already lost them.

Make your headlines big and bold, and really grab the reader’s attention.

This will vary depending on the product or offer being promoted, so find something that will really grab someone who’s looking for whatever it is you’re promoting.

If your offer is something that’s already being promoted in the mainstream media (magazines especially), then don’t recreate the wheel just use a similar style of headline.

Also look at other online marketing for whatever you are promoting, and notice which headlines make you want to read more and which make you yawn and leave.

No Call To Action…

No call to action means what do you want them to do? People need to be told what to do, it’s just that simple.

If you want the visitor to “click here” you need to tell them, specifically, to do that. If you want them to fill out a form, tell them to fill out the form.

Give very specific instructions, walk them through the process.

They need to have their hand held like they’re four year old.

If they need to fill out several fields in a form, you may need to walk them through the whole process with a bullet by bullet explanation of what to do, along side the offer.

You may also want to tell them up front what the benefit to them will be in doing so, as people always ask “what’s in it for me?”

Not matching the basic color scheme of landing page to the shopping cahrt or merchant’s page, just spend a minute or two studying the actual page.

Look at the color scheme used (you might be able to steal exact color codes from their HTML source code too).

Take the time to make your landing page resemble the merchant’s, even if only in basic color scheme.

This helps to create a more cohesive user experience, so that when they land on the merchant’s site, they aren’t saying “Where am I now?”

You don’t need to emulate the entire merchant’s site! Just make your page generally feel like it’s associated with the merchant’s site in color and basic layout and you’ll be several steps ahead.

No Presell Landing Page’s…

The presell page job is to prepare the visitor for what’s to come. Its job is NOT to sell! Its job is to presell.

Your visitors probably don’t want to be sold as soon as they land on your page. That’s off‐putting.

They want information and are open to being “warmed up” to whatever your offer is. But let the merchant’s page do the selling.

Just prepare them for what’s to come. Maybe even tell them “After you click the link below, you will be asked for…”

This way they already know what to expect, and are prepared as far as what they need to do once they get there.

It’s human nature, that the more small steps we take in a certain direction, the more likely we are to continue to take even larger ones.

“An object in motion tends to stay in motion” you could say. So give them simple, easy to follow, baby steps that will lead up to the final offer.

Too big a leap can make them panic and run – for example you have them “click here” to get something for free, but then they are presented with a form requiring all their personal information (say, a credit card application).

This is jarring – they thought they would just click and get something free.

A better approach would be something like click here to get the free report, and are taken to a page that congratulates and informs of the wonderful free report you’ll be sending immediately to their email address if they enter below.

Now you have their email address in your autoresponder, and you take them to a “thank you” page that contains another related offer, maybe this time with a little bit more information required.

You’ve funneled them from a click, to an email address, to a short form.

Each step is slightly bigger than the last, so the chances of them completing them increase.

Are YOU Using The Wrong Colors In All The Wrong Places?

If you’re going to use color on your page, make sure you are drawing attention where you want it.

Don’t have a really flashy colored navigation bar if you aren’t trying to get people to pay attention primarily to that.

Use color to draw the attention where you want it, and take away attention from what you don’t want the visitor to pay attention to.

Color is an art all itself, and every offer will be different in terms of what colors work, but in general I suggest not using “harsh” colors or too many color combinations.

Stick to a palette of just a few colors, that are closely related. Subtle use of color can be very effective, but too much can just look garish.

No scarcity people always want what they can’t have, or what they think will be gone tomorrow.

If you don’t give them some sense that they MUST act now, then they won’t! It’s just that simple.

Scarcity Can Be Used In Many Ways, Some Effective Tactics Are:

  • Limit 1 per household
  • Limited Availability
  • Enter Your Email To Check Current Status
  • Or enter zip code to check availability In your area, etc…
  • Strictly Limited Time Promotional Offer
  • Offer Ends mm/dd/yyy” (use PHP or Javascript to update so the offer always expires “tomorrow”

Also, use the specific DAY that the offer will expire too, but make it something that would make sense, like a Friday or the first or last day of a month, etc.)

Are You Taking Advantage of Other Communication and Marketing Strategies?

Use audio and video because people have broadband and 3 Gigahertz computers!

Give them an experience beyond simply reading words on a screen. There are many different ways to create video (I suggest flash video in .swf or .flv format) and audio that can be served on a web page.

Imagine how your conversions might skyrocket if you actually were talking to the visitor and telling them just what to do.

Or better yet, what if you showed them what to do with a screen recording!

Get creative, open yourself up to the possibilities. Do you see anyone else doing these things? No? Then you probably should!

Not paying attention to the merchant page – it could suck too! ook at the merchant page, and apply everything above to it. Does it pass the test?

There are no shortage of merchants out there who “don’t get it” either, so make sure their landing page is going to do the job of closing the deal, otherwise you’re just throwing money away.

Go over the entire list above as a checklist, and if they fail in any of the above categories, then watch out.

Are You Capturing eMail Addresses Of Your Visitors?

They come, they go, and that’s the last you’ll see of them. But what’s easier to do, find new customers all the time, or remarket to existing customers?

Of course, existing customers! So turn your visitors into customers, and get them to opt in to your list.

Offer something of value… a free report perhaps (wonder why I gave this away for free? Now you know!) or a weekly newsletter.

A free download, eBook, something useful. It almost doesn’t matter what it is, people love free and if you can compel them to sign up for your opt-in list.

Then you have an opportunity to present offers to them again, and again, and again.

Of course you need to be tacful about it, or they will all simply opt‐out or report you for spamming, which is a Very Bad Thing (ALWAYS use a double opt‐in system for gathering email leads!)

Are YOU Waiting Until It’s Perfect…

This is the ultimate achilles heel of so many PPC marketers.

They will work and work and work on a landing page, tweaking this, that, and the other forever, and not get the offer running.

They may literally take an entire week to fiddle with the landing page until it’s “just right” when they should’ve spent maybe an hour on it at most, and put it live.

Landing pages are not works of art, they are functional devices that get used, and discarded. Get one up and get it out into the world immediately!

The absolute, number one biggest single mistake I see aspiring online marketers doing with their landing pages is…

Not too many people I have gotten to know that are making big money with PPC marketing, are cranking out offers in tremendous quantity.

They will do maybe 4 or 5 offers per day. How many have you done lately?

If you aren’t doing at least one new offer every day you aren’t doing enough or simply aren’t that focused on your business.

You should have 20 to 30 different campaigns running at any given time.

Most probably won’t work out, but those that do will more than make up for all the rest, several times over!

Until you are willing to discover the truth about your visitor costs and conversion rates, you’ll never have a growing business.

Obviously, you need tools to be able to generate so many campaigns efficiently, and that happens to be my area of expertise.

So the following is a list of tools that as of this writing, I believe are essential to anyone who is genuinely serious about their PPC marketing.

All of these are tools I own and use myself, and they are an investment in yourself and your business.

Please don’t make such an investment if you can’t handle the financial commitment required.

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