How To Effectively Use PPC For Your Market Research

PPC Market Research To Target Audience

John Mignano

John Mignano

Now, before you even decide to open a Google account, let’s do what all good marketers must do…

Study the market trends, get to know your market and target audience!

Let’s say that you are promoting a ppc software business.

OK, I am going to walk you through the steps necessary to build a successful campaign around that service.

Let’s first start by investigating your competition’s market strategy with market intelligence.

Think of a keyword that you are interested and let’s get started with your market research using that term.

For example, we’ll start with a broad phrase and narrow it down from there; let’s use “ppc software”.

There are two steps you are going to determine to make sure your market is viable and how your competition stacks up in regards to consumer insights.

First, go to WordTrack Tool webpage and see how many times this phrase is searched for on WordTracker and Googles Adwords Keyword Tool.

There’s a live tab on how many times phrases are searched for in each respective search engine.

From the results you get a sense of how people are actually searching for your keywords/key phrases.

For the time being, I’ll make the general statement more is better because it means the demand is high…

Note: Where there’s high demand, typically there’s high competition; I’ll show you how to get a razor edge in the advanced training section later on!

Now let’s go over to Google and do a search for the exact same phrase.

Pay attention to the Sponsored Links on the right hand side where ads show up. You want to get an idea on how many display ads are shown for keyword you’ve selected.

Ten ads are shown per page (not counting the preferred ads that get shown up top just above the organic search results.

The number of these preferred ads shown may vary. Now click on “More Sponsored Links” to see more ads.

Go page to page and count how many ads there are for the keyword/key phrase you have chosen.

This tells you how competitive your market is for that keyword/key phrase.

It’s no surprise that our broad keyword results in high demand yet also has high competition.

You are just starting out in your campaign, you don’t have enough history of ad performance to compete in this market just yet.

Let’s refine your keyword and narrow down our market some more.

You can go back to your search result on WordTracker and use one of the less common searched keyword phrases such as “ppc management software” and repeat the process.

For now, I want to focus on “ppc management software” and do the same process for “software for ppc” to find out while your market becomes slimmer also does the competition.

You can definitely work with that.

Obviously, you can dig even deeper if you wish, it all depends on you and your market.

Next Step Is Setting Up Your Google AdWords

First, open up a Google AdWords Account.

Go to Google AdWords homepage and click on “Start Now”.

Choose “Standard Edition” which affords you more flexibility and control over the “Starter Edition.”

Next, select your language and the countries (or a more specific location if you wish) where you want your ads to be shown.

For example, you’ll use English and the United States or Australia, so make sure English is highlighted and that “Countries and territories” is selected before clicking on “Continue”.

On the next page, you’ll have the option of adding/removing countries where you would like to advertise.

Let’s stick with United States and Australia for now, so ensure United States and Australia are two of the “Selected Countries and/or Territories” and click on “Continue”.

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