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Why Organic SEO Never Ages?

John Mignano

John Mignano

Are you just a little bit confused about organic SEO right now?

If you are, that’s probably because so many people are trying to convince you there’s some search engine optimization secrets

And you just don’t know that secret, right? 

Now if you’ll just reach into your pocket, slap your credit card down, you just might get that secret :)

Yeah right! The biggest secret in search engine optimization is that there really aren’t anysecrets, at least not the kind most want you to sell you.

The fact is there’s a lot of factors and technical jargon, so I’ll do everything I can to help you with the details.

Bear in mind, real secrets are hard to come by…

The truth is, if you know what you’re doing, and don’t try to trick the search engines, very little has changed in SEO for at least five years.

Simply that means there’s plenty to explore, yet there is no quick fix or magic silver bullet so to speak.

You don’t have to believe all the misinformation, because in time you’ll know what works and that is the true.

All I can say is be careful where you get your SEO advice…

Frankly, anyone that thinks he’s getting an edge because he puts a Google search box on his web site…

Well, he needs to seriously sit down and plan his organic search engine optimization strategy.

SEO is influenced by many small factors that make a big difference.

If you want to improve search engine ranking  you’ll need to include:

  • How your website is structured
  • Type of keywords
  • Linking infustructure from other web sites…

It just couldn’t be that simple, could it?

You’re probably thinking, there just has to be some secret to it!

Let’s be logical, some people really are better at SEO than others and their success is mostly due to more experience and better processes.

The people that are exceptionally good at SEO also have a lot of knowledge about the technical side of search engines and websites.

Let’s look at what goes wrong for most people that try search engine optimization and it’s not what you think…

SEO is simple, it boils down to doing four basic steps right:

  1. Developing a keyword strategy to target the right searchers
  2.  Building a well-structured website
  3. Creating good content and doing basic on page optimization
  4. Promoting your site to get links from the rest of the web

Even if you find the right information and understand what all of the above steps really mean, you’re still missing a very critical element.

You need a step-by-step plan to put it all into practice.

If you don’t have a goodroad map, you get lost. You get frustrated, results aren’t happening fast enough, and you start looking for shortcuts…

In short, you probably end up doing something like this:

  • Use the wrong keyword strategy with a handful of useless phrases
  • Use long tail or niche phrases that never bring you enough traffic
  • Rewrite your content to get more keyword density
  • Stop naturally placing search terms in key places on the page where search terms actually help
  • Submit to a few directories
  • Spend time trading  links
  • Use different automated linking
  • Buy links
  • And the list goes on…

Now it’s easy to see how to get into a tail spin with all sorts of technical problems, even with the possibility of being penalized.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it does, you know how painful it is to do SEO without an effective plan. No matter where you are in your quest for fast SEO results…

You need a keyword research system that helps you find the right keywords to take advantage of organic seo.

The reality is for every step in your organic seo process, you need to know what results you’re wanting to achieve. Get clear and focused, see at the top!

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