Best Shared Hosting Platforms for SEO and Website Development

WordPress is an open source software project…

Combined with popular website hosting is effective for website development and SEO.

Wordpess is very natural for bloggers to focus on using this platform the most…

Shared hosting has traditionally been the first port of call for those new to self-hosted WordPress.

The combination of server administration, low monthly fees and tempting add-ons (free domains) makes it an attractive option for new webmasters.

Better still, prices have remained low over the years, while competition between providers has continually driven the functionality on offer to new heights…

website hosting

Hosting is big business, right?

In fact, a $16 billion industry in the US alone and growing at 10% per year.

And it’s difficult to isolate exact percentages of that made up by shared hosting, over 50% seems a reasonable guess.

Shared hosting means your website will be sharing space on a server with potentially hundreds or even thousands of other websites.

Is Shared Hosting a Good Fit for You?

If any of the following scenarios are true for you, shared hosting could be an excellent fit:

  • You are a new business

As a new business, your immediate priority is getting a basic online presence established.

Shared hosting is an excellent way of doing that quickly and affordably.

  • You have a limited budget and/or IT resources

Serious hosting and custom development require a major investment of both time and money.

If you have neither to spare, shared hosting is a great way of getting started without breaking the bank or needing to hire full-time IT people.

  • Reasonable traffic expectations

If you’re looking to get a small brochure site or basic e-commerce site set up, shared hosting is a good fit.

If you are looking to drive millions of impressions per campaign or launch a service with thousands of users that will IPO in six months shared hosting it is not a good fit…

Also remember bandwidth and space, which is the amount of physical storage space available on the server.

you’ll be required to deal with technical issues along the line.

So you’ll need to brush up on topics such as DNS settings and cPanel management.

These area are going to rear their head too.

If these areas are brand new to you, expect to have to do some quick learning…

Website Hosting

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