How to Get Targeted Website Traffic

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for the Little Guy to Get Targeted Website Traffic…

targeted webiste traffic

Are you leaving your traffic and business to chance? Do you ever question your ability to drive traffic and search engine performance through all aspects of your online business?

What’s the best way to get targeted traffic? 

You have got to be specific in order to get targeted traffic…

If you focus on the right targeted traffic sources, you get targeted site traffic right?

Dear Friend,

What method can you use to figure out the best possible traffic sources for your offer?

Which should you use?

•    Magazines and Journals
•    Joint Ventures/Affiliates
•    Publicity
•    Linked In
•    Radio and TV
•    Bing
•    CPV/PPV
•    Blogging and Guest Posting
•    AdWords
•    Social Media
•    Wholesale Banners
•    YouTube
•    Direct Mail
•    Solo Ads
•    Facebook PPC



Lots of the blog posts and books around SEO focus on the technical aspects…

The problem is 90% of ranking is not determined by technical aspects, it is content and how you’ve optimized it.

Web traffic or top up traffic, what ever you prefer to call it is crucial if you want to grow your sales and business fast.

Future proof your business and grow sales by creating your targeted website traffic strategy…

How do I know…well, glad you asked that question because I’ve been on the Internet for more than 25 years now.

Hard to believe it, but I’ve learned a few tricks for getting targeted website traffic and generating seo targeted traffic.

In fact, traffic is the no.1 skill I first learned even before marketing…

Not here to say I know everything there is to know about traffic.

Far from it…

Let’s just say if you continue to read this post, you’ll get a few simple tips for more targeted traffic, starting today.

targeted webiste traffic

Tip #1: Read high traffic blogs which are relevant and similar to yours.

If you read a blog post, don’t leave without adding a relevant comment.

Make sure you fill in the comment form with your website URL…

Every time you do this, you are creating a small trickle of traffic back to your site.

Tip 2: The faster you leave a comment after a blog post has been published the better.

In general, the first comments get more targeted traffic than those who comment last.

If you are first to leave a comment on a new article on a popular blog…

And the blog owner pings their list…

YOU benefit from the spike in traffic to that particular blog post.

TIP: RSS readers usually notify you when a new blog post is published faster than the blog owner
can send out an email.

Tip 3: While you’re at it, if you really like the blog post that you just left a comment on, submit it to your favorite social media networks.

If the post proves to be popular with your friends and followers, you will get more traffic to your site than you would otherwise.

You may prefer to use Buffer so yo can submit blog posts and articles to all your profiles at the same time. 

Tip 4: Get an account at Gravatar and upload a selfie.

Most people don’t use Gravatar and are faceless so to speak.

You automatically get more attention and traffic anytime you leave a comment on a blog where Gravatars are displayed…

Tip 5: Anytime you publish a new blog post, make sure you include a high quality image. Why?

Because social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…

And many other image based networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr (this is a short list) pick up your image anytime one of your readers shares your post on one of those networks.

Social media posts which include an image are much more likely to generate clicks, likes and retweets than those that don’t.

TIP: Only use images you have the right to use like royalty-free images or paid photo/image services

targeted webiste traffic

Tip 6: Make sure you’ve added share buttons to your site so it’s easy for visitors to share your posts.

There are countless different social media plugins including ShareBar, AddThis, ShareThis and Sociable.

SumoMe is pretty good, they offer a free suite of tools for growing your blog’s traffic.

SumoMe includes really slick social sharing buttons you see on the left side of this page.

Tip 7: Build relationships with influential bloggers in your market.

Yep this effective strategy does take time…

Leaving comments and participating in their communities can help you get noticed.

When you’ve added value and feel the timing is right, offer to write a unique high quality guest post specifically for their audience.

When you do this, the blog owner usually allows you link back to your own blog in one or two places.

This helps you build quality backlinks and rank better in Google.

All of these traffic tips are simple, relatively fast, and easy to implement.

Not to mention all FREE.

If you take action and apply all the tips and consistently do what is outlined above every week, you can very quickly create a stream of predictable targeted traffic which grows steadily with time…

Targeted Website Traffic

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