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About Us

John Mignano

John Mignano

Hello, I trust you’ll appreciate the fact we’re all in business, may I take a moment to remind you as to why you got into business in the first place.

I’m a business development specialist, marketing strategist, business coach, author and publisher with 20 years of business experience under my belt…

Yet it wasn’t always that way. It took twelve long years of study and “failing fast” to figure out how to run a real moneymaking business and to enjoy the wealth with more freedom and lifestyle options from business success…

Reaching the goal of owning a lifestyle business that is profitable, makes money on demand, (doesn’t force me to work harder, 7 days), and having more time off…frankly, this kind of peace of mind, no amount of money should be able to buy.

But you can. Let’s get back to where this story begins once upon a time when I was in my late teens and early twenties.

Back when business was moving with slow and evry step was a learning curve…staggering at the same time.

Allow me explain… why it was hardly the image of the rich and famous, you know the go-getter type, high-flyer successful business owner you see on T.V and the covers of business magazines, etc…

Well, on the surface, life appeared almost too perfect.

A happy loving relationship, and a very strong, actually thriving Specialised Fitness, Medical and Pilates equipment manufacturing business. I was also investing the profits back into real estate and trading shares on the stock exchange.

Little by little, the stress became my worse enemy…

In my mind…the personal and professional life began to wear me down.

During a single three-year period most of the days were spent putting out fires, you know, trying hard to keep the business running, fulfilling orders, marketing, handling client support, scrambling to meet payroll, etc…

The first example is good. Rather than allowing this to slow me down, I kicked myself into higher gear. I became a high rolling entrepreneur making lots of money.

So, just let me pull back the curtain on my business and quality of lifestyle back when I was a Super Engineer, Super Geek, and Super Coach…willing to juggle more and more clients, teaching students, and then rushing madly from one endless task to another.

And if all that wasn’t enough…if you have ever tried to live the entrepreneurial dream, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about, makes sense?

This one is hot off the press; because it began with no business plan and high expectations only to end up feeling totally broke and exhausted.

In other words…worn out and I had trouble thinking or sleeping.

Then I spent a lot of time getting lost, reckless and frustrated. I remember it like it was yesterday… my head was overfilled with way too many ideas…aching at the end of another long day popping pills for headaches.

Finally, I had to shut down emotionally and physically. It also meant my business had to shut down because I couldn’t put up with any more stress or workload. It all came to a head for me about five years ago…

It’s one of those real lessons in life, a tranforming moment that gets etched inside your head and heart forever. I’d get dizzy and feel like I was going to faint thinking about it.

To be straight, I knew eventually there would be enough success to outweigh the failures.

At the time I certainly didn’t want to face the truth, so I’d sit in silence, followed by periods of isolation and depression, and then the anger wondering how I would ever get through the tough challenges.

But you know what? I love my life today and I feel better and better.

Yes, I dug myself out of that deep black hole and went back to being a peak performer.

In the process, I persisted to discover my strengths, passion and mission in life. To help people with success too.

If you’re a business owner, I’d like to help you get clear about your lifestyle business, the time and money freedom you want to really enjoy the life and fun you deserve. And to do it with integrity.

There are simple, practical solutions that don’t take a lot of time or even break the bank.

And those are the effective solutions I’d like to share with you, starting right now.

Will you allow me help you get better organised, put the lifestyle business plan with profit systems in place to increase your income, and reach your goals to make more money with accelerated results, and enjoy more free time?

Will you let me help you get clear about your lifestyle business:

  • Analyse your business strategies and current operations Identify your strengths and weaknesses for improvement and growth
  • Help you access world-class business tools, processes and technology
  • Streamline your business management systems, sales, cash flow, and revenue strategies
  • Dealing with procrastination, information overload and getting through the uncertain energy blocks
  • Focusing on results, what’s important right now to move you forward in an aligned, confident and energized space
  • How to handle creating money and cash flow faster while still keeping in mind a strategic vision which fits in with your lifestyle business plan
  • Time Management and why you should focus on what earns you the most money, (ROI)
  • How to get more done in less time, you don’t have to get everything done on your own
  • How to tell if your business is doing what you want it to do
  • Better planning, leveraging other peoples skills, outsourcing and putting teams together
  • And much more…

We strive to provide proven systems that allow smart, yet overwhelmed business owners to quickly strengthen profitability, eliminate wasted effort, so you make more money, spend less time in the office, and enjoy more time on vacation, while your business runs and grows with amazing efficiency!

Yours in continued success,

John Mignano

CEO – web-siteoptimisation.com

P.S. We strive to have a long lasting positive impact on streamlining your operations, the profitability of your business and improving the quality of your life by enjoying more time off.

Please feel free to share with business owners, friends and colleagues who also want to make more profits, to enjoy more time off and to grow their businesses…they’ll thank you for inviting them.

We can’t wait to hear of your success! Please feel free to drop us a personal note and let us know how you are doing. Talk with you soon!

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