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Good News For The Business Owner Fed Up With Losing Customers and Frustrated With Dwindling Income and Rising Advertising Expenses…

John Mignano

John Mignano

 Here’s the little known web optimzation secret they don’t want YOu to know about!

Why do a select few of websites work like gang busters converting prospects into leads and leads into buying customers with record profits…

While 89% of websites are leaving money on the table?

How much momey are you leaving on table?

You’ll kick yourself when you realise the low cost ways to boost your bottom line.

Do you understand your client and their behaviour?

Want to boost your landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization that turn more clicks into cash?

Are you frustrated because les than 1-2% of your website visitors enquire or buy?

Do you want to tap into a proven process for boosting website search engine optimisation?

A system that is tested, refined, tweaked and polished to harnesses search engine optimization seo and website search engine optimisation techniques?

Are you looking for website optimisation strategies that can generate net ROI gains of 20 to 257% in the next 6 to 12 weeks, not 6 to 12 months?

Website conversion optimisaton from enhances user experiences and boosts your bottom line.

There is absolutely No theory…just pure, proven, momeymaking strategies to boost your bottom line by by motivating more website visitors to opt-in, register, enquire, subscribe or buy.

Want to go behind the curtain to discover why your visitors buy and why they click away:

  • Conversion rate optimisation starts by understanding why leads or prospects are on your site
  • How they respond to different offers, layouts and web copy…
  • Testing how different page layouts increase conversion rates
  • Why marketing strategies produce significantly better results

With your permission, we’d like to show why you want to use multivariate analysis, combined with razor sharp marketing strategies that allow you to hone, refine and tweak your strategic messages to dramatically boost your sales.

Stratgically…all successfulwebsites follow this marketingequation whereby the marketing message is the most important element and focus.

Yes, it is a productive strategic component that will get better results.

Why listen to John Mignano?

Proven website search engine optimisation with tested conversion principles means better results in shorter time:

  • By using direct response principles on your landing pages
  • Enhance conversion funnels as this encourages more visitors to act now, rather than later…
  • Integration with online and offline approaches including A/B and multivariate testing to produce significant gains
  • It’s crucial to use surveys and real-time live chat to identify hidden sticking points
  • The focus is on the exact sales message that each segment of your market wants to hear…

How we help you implement a more effective process and efficient systems to determine the proper distribution channels.

The most common way we work with YOU is on an ongoing coaching basis.

Why use a business coaching model?

Everything we teach, every gem needs to be designed to plan and implement effective razor sharp marketing strategies that close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Find out how you can join the select few smart business owners who have discovered why results are common, obstacles overcome, money made in bigger chunks.

Frankly, how much easier would it be to sleep like a baby no matter what the economy is doing?

This is the kind of peace of mind, no amount of money should be able to buy…yet you can and it’s just a phone call away on 61 (03) 5966 2531. 

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