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Why Website Traffic Is Vital For Your Business?

John Mignano

John Mignano

Hello Smart Business Owner,

Thanks to the Internet, business people are able to better run their businesses successfully by integrating offline with online technology and automation.

In reality, most marketing strategies may work for a few hundred visitors, or even a few thousand visitors a day (if you’re lucky)…

Eventually it dies off and you realize that generating a consistent stream of supposedly “free” traffic is risky and time consuming:

  • Your traffic is under someone else’s control, especially with regard to search engines
  • If Google or anyone else thinks you aren’t playing by the rules they turn off the traffic switch
  • Free traffic is not always trackable. In fact, most of the “free” methods to get people to your site offer no way to determine which sale or opt-in came from which visitor.
  • No tracking means no reliable, long-term income stream.
  • While you can make some money with free traffic, it probably isn’t going to make you big chunks since you can’t build a scalable business

And the BIG one…

  • Free traffic is not free! Once you realize that you pay with either money or time for every single visitor to your site, you begin to understand the power of scalability, volume, and automation.

Go back and read that last bullet one more time, I really want to make sure you get what I said, because once you do, your life will never be the same.

Building your business will actually become fun and profitable.

So what’s the big secret anyway?

Want to multiply your web traffic and conversion rates?

You see, the search engine optimization techniques that may have worked several years ago, are not the same ones that are effective today.

Let’s face it, there’s millions of websites that share space on the Web.

If you want to stand out in your business, you need targeted traffic to survive and succeed.

No website can get results without traffic.

It would not be possible for hundreds or thousands of people to know about your website unless and until you promote it.

There are tested and proven approaches in which you can cost effectively promote and advertise your website.

You may not instantly get instant results, yet it will certainly go a long way to help you generate targeted traffic.

No business can move forward without traffic and that’s why it’s vital you make the effort to generate targeted prospects for your website.

Here are few easy and simple steps to follow to generate traffic for your website:

The first and simple step to attract visitors (more importantly convert to subscribers) is by writing quality articles.

You can write articles related to your website and advertise it.

Quality and relevant content will always attract potential readers that keep visiting your site frequently and let others know about it as well.

You can forward (submit) your articles to popular article sites and provide a one way link to your website…

You can also forward your website to well known directories…

Firstly, make your website is landing page optimized.

Make sure your website is search engine optimized and designed to get acceptance from the directories with a higher chance for increased website traffic.

Use more of the relevant and targeted (longtail) keywords in your articles so that the keywords stands a higher chance of being clicked on the first page of the search engines.

A search engine optimized website will be pulled instantly once the key words are typed for the search and it is viewed first.

You can exchange links with non-competitive sites.

You can view your links on the well-known and frequently visited sites.

This definitely helps generate ample traffic to your website.

You can go in for pay per click option as well.

This marketing technique helps generate numerous users. There are few who do not believe in this technique though.

However, if you have good content and an attractive site, you are sure to hold the attention of the viewer.

If you’re into a business, try and get numbers and address of potential customers.

You can email them about your products or services and at the same time provide them with a link for your site.

A well planned mail out is sure to be read, however, it should not be too lengthy or the customer may not visit the site.

Users and viewers are the lifeline of every website.

If you’re unable to generate enough traffic, you lose out in the online business market.

That’s why we’re here to help you target more and more users in order to succeed…

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