Increase Website Traffic by Inviting a Guest Blogger

An Internet blog is more than a full-time job if you want to do it right…

John Mignano

As a member of the Internet blogging community, you probably feel overwhelmed because of the multiple hats you are required to wear.
You need sure shot strategies to increase website traffic on your blog through several on-page and off-page SEO…
You have social media, Google’s PageRank issues and equally important, your organic position in the search engine results pages of the major search engines to preoccupy you.

Top on your list of tasks each day, I am sure, is your blog content.

The gurus recommend, and rightly so, that you should update your blog content at least three times a week…

Preferably every day like the gurus themselves.

Finding it hard to keep up with the daily demands of Internet blogging and blog content? Try guest blogging!

The ABCs of Guest Blogging to Spike Website Traffic to your Blog

There are hundreds of highly qualified and professionally capable bloggers eagerly waiting to write for you on your blog.

What is even more interesting, you do not even have to pay them.

How does this work?

Simple, you invite guest bloggers to blog on your blog website under your personal supervision.

In exchange, you give them a bio and a link back to their blogs.

If you feel generous, and if the guest blogger is exceptionally skilled—an authority in his or her niche…

You sweeten the deal further by offering to give additional treats such as social media links, a banner and even a phone number in the guest blogger’s bio…

Assuming they use the power of Ma Bell to drum up business which they should be doing in the first place.

Here are a few suggestions on how to find such gems. But first…

Prepare your Blog to Receive Guests by Building up Trainloads of Website Traffic

If you want online stalwarts to guest blog for you, your blog should be worthy of their visit and their potential patronage in the future.

It should be fully functional, well indexed in Google and Yahoo, and carry a decent ranking on Google’s PageRank equation.

Now we aren’t expecting you to wait for your blog to hit PR 8. I don’t believe your blog or mine for that matter will ever reach such dizzy heights.

Having said that, I think a PR 3 or 4 is pretty respectable with a decent Alexa rank.

You should carry first-rate blog content on your blog even if you have to pay for it. The more website traffic you have on your blog, the more impressed your guest bloggers will be.

This inspires them to return to your blog over and over again. After all, even you need a vacation!

Blog Comments that Generate Quality Website Traffic

Finally, try to generate as many blog comments as you possibly can by asking your online audience to participate in the discussions you spearhead.

A soft nudge from you requesting comments directly transmitted through your double opt in list is an excellent idea and I have seen many Internet gurus doing so in their ezines and auto responder e-mail messages.

5 Tips to Find Guest Bloggers:

Here are five tried and proven methods you can deploy to open the floodgates of guest bloggers.

Remember, not everyone who applies is qualified to guest blog on your website.

Screen these requests carefully and do not post a blog entry without having read it first. Insist on original content and copyright-free images.

Here are my recommendations: and other Article Repositories

Like me, I am sure you too have your favorite authors on and other article directories.

Why not drop a line requesting a guest blog submission?

Provide a brief description of your blog accompanied by a link to your blog’s home page.

Clearly indicate what you will offer in return—a bio, link, banner, social media links, links to the guest blogger’s website (how many) within the content body…

Plus a picture of the guest blogger and anything else your guest may find enticing.

If you are using WordPress, and you should if you are not for a variety of reasons, use the author.php template for this purpose.

Set up a “Blog for Us” Page on your Blog Website

Set up a special Invite Page for this purpose. It is sure to maximize your website traffic at least from the blogging community.

Clearly outline the specifications, terms and conditions for submissions. Indicate a time line.

After all, you need to be fair and courteous to your guests!

Approach Blog and Website Owners in your Niche Directly

It is highly unlikely that you do not read other blogs in your niche or subject of interest.

In addition to new ideas, trends and concepts, other bloggers in your niche can serve the important function of the type of website traffic you can expect on your website along with an audience profile to match.

Introduce your blog in your e-mail and provide a link to your blog. Better still, include a short list of topics for your guest blogger to consider.

The more specific you are, the better the quality of the guest post will be.

When I write to a fellow blogger requesting a guest post, I even mention what I am planning to offer in return.

This way, there are no hidden secrets as far as I am concerned.

Leverage your Personal and Professional Network

Do you attend conventions? Do you visit trade shows and industry exhibitions?

Look through your Rolodex for contacts you have made through your professional networking endeavors.

You are sure to find qualified bloggers who fit the bill. Send them a polite invite and follow it up with a phone call.

It is standard practice to trade favors within a fraternity even if it involves underlying competition.

We all know that there is synergy and strength in numbers!

Send out a Quick Tweet

Many bloggers have made excellent connections through Twitter in their bids to find guest bloggers for their blog websites.

The possibility that one or more of your followers on Twitter would be very interested in guest blogging for you is high.

Your guest blogger could be the owner of an e-commerce portal, a Google AdSense website…

Or simply a senior manager in a corporation looking for additional exposure in your niche through a bio and a couple of high-powered back links.

Try Guest Bloggers before you go out and Buy Website Traffic

A guest blog post or two will free you up to perform scores of pending online housekeeping tasks, guest blogging will generate free website traffic for you.

Here is how….

Your guest blogger can announce the guest blog post on their blog website and provide a link to your blog—a highly favorable scenario from Google’s perspective.

If your Google Analytics suddenly displays mountains of server melting website traffic you haven’t witnessed before once the guest blog post is up, you will know where it is coming from.

Guest blogging—whether you invite a blogger on your website or you choose to guest blog on a fellow blogger’s website—has many rich rewards.

It is both under-rated and under-utilized.

However, you can become a trailblazer and watch your website traffic soar.

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