SEO Link Wheels?

What is a ‘Link wheel’ and what does it do?

John Mignano

One of the most talked about modern SEO concepts are Link Wheels.

OK, is there a lot of scope and future for link wheels?

Experts are unanimous in agreeing various facets of link wheels will be a mainstay of search engine optimization.

Link Wheels, simply put, are a wheel of websites which has a unique system of linking; and there are various purposes it serves.

The properties on which the sites will be hosted are all high PR sites…

This includes most of the popular web 2.0 sites that are all the rage today.

Each property will host one blog or website and there will be unique content written for each property.

The keywords you’d like your website to respond to in SERPs will be woven into the content organically…

Two to three of the keywords will be linked systematically.

One keyword would lead back to the main site you want to promote, and the other keyword would link to the next site in the wheel.

If you close your eyes and imagine a bicycle tire with 25 spokes, you will get the picture.

The axle in the middle is your site…

All the different spokes are different incoming links from the 25 properties as part of the link wheel infrastructure.

Since each of them also links to the next one in the order, the outer wheel also is complete.

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